AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 dayspci: test for unexpectedly disabled bridgesHEADv5.3-rc4-mmotm-2019-08-13-15-40masterLinus Torvalds
9 dayskernel/fork.c: export kernel_thread() to modulesAndrew Morton
9 daysmutex subsystem, synchro-test moduleDavid Howells
9 daysReleasing resources with childrenMatthew Wilcox
9 daysMake sure nobody's leaking resourcesMatthew Wilcox
9 daysdrivers/media/platform/sti/delta/delta-ipc.c: fix read buffer overflowAndi Kleen
9 daysdrivers/tty/serial/sh-sci.c: suppress warningAndrew Morton
9 daysmm: treewide: clarify pgtable_page_{ctor,dtor}() namingMark Rutland
9 daysvfio/type1: untag user pointers in vaddr_get_pfnAndrey Konovalov
9 daystee/shm: untag user pointers in tee_shm_registerAndrey Konovalov
9 daysmedia/v4l2-core: untag user pointers in videobuf_dma_contig_user_getAndrey Konovalov
9 daysdrm/radeon: untag user pointers in radeon_gem_userptr_ioctlAndrey Konovalov
9 daysdrm/amdgpu: untag user pointersAndrey Konovalov
9 daysuserfaultfd: untag user pointersAndrey Konovalov
9 daysfs/namespace: untag user pointers in copy_mount_optionsAndrey Konovalov
9 daysmm: untag user pointers in get_vaddr_framesAndrey Konovalov
9 daysmm: untag user pointers in mm/gup.cAndrey Konovalov
9 daysmm: untag user pointers passed to memory syscallsAndrey Konovalov
9 dayslib: untag user pointers in strn*_userAndrey Konovalov
9 daysblock: annotate refault stalls from IO submissionJohannes Weiner
9 dayspinctrl: fix pxa2xx.c build warningsRandy Dunlap
9 daysdiff sucksAndrew Morton
9 dayslinux-nextAndrew Morton
9 daysipc/msg.c: consolidate all xxxctl_down() functionsLu Shuaibing
9 daysscripts/gdb: handle split debugDouglas Anderson
9 dayskgdb: don't use a notifier to enter kgdb at panic; call directlyDouglas Anderson
9 daysaio: simplify read_events()Oleg Nesterov
9 dayskexec: restore arch_kexec_kernel_image_probe declarationVasily Gorbik
9 dayskexec: bail out upon SIGKILL when allocating memory.Tetsuo Handa
9 dayscpumask: nicer for_each_cpumask_and() signatureAlexey Dobriyan
9 daysfork: improve error message for corrupted page tablesSai Praneeth Prakhya
9 daysfat: add nobarrier to workaround the strange behavior of deviceOGAWA Hirofumi
9 daysfs: reiserfs: remove unnecessary check of bh in remove_from_transaction()Jia-Ju Bai
9 dayscheckpatch: prefer __section over __attribute__((section(...)))Joe Perches
9 dayscheckpatch: exclude sizeof sub-expressions from MACRO_ARG_REUSEBrendan Jackman
9 warn on invalid commit idMatteo Croce
9 dayscheckpatch: improve SPDX license checkingJoe Perches
9 dayscheckpatch: don't interpret stack dumps as commit IDsJoe Perches
9 dayslib/math/rational.c: fix possible incorrect result from rational fractions he...Trent Piepho
9 dayslib/extable.c: add missing prototypesValdis Kletnieks
9 dayslib/generic-radix-tree.c: make 2 functions static inlineValdis Kletnieks
9 daysstrscpy: reject buffer sizes larger than INT_MAXKees Cook
9 daysinclude/trace/events/writeback.h: fix -Wstringop-truncation warningsQian Cai
9 dayskernel-doc: core-api: Include string.h into core-apiJoe Perches
9 dayskernel-doc: core-api: include string.h into core-apiJoe Perches
9 daysDocumentation/checkpatch: prefer stracpy/strscpy over strcpy/strlcpy/strncpy.Nitin Gote
9 daysstring: add stracpy and stracpy_pad mechanismsJoe Perches
9 daysDocumentation: rename addr_in_gen_pool to gen_pool_has_addrHuang Shijie
9 dayslib/genalloc.c: rename addr_in_gen_pool to gen_pool_has_addrHuang Shijie
9 dayslib/genalloc.c: export symbol addr_in_gen_poolHuang Shijie