AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-28pci: test for unexpectedly disabled bridgesHEADv5.3-rc6-mmotm-2019-08-27-20-39masterLinus Torvalds
2019-08-28kernel/fork.c: export kernel_thread() to modulesAndrew Morton
2019-08-28mutex subsystem, synchro-test moduleDavid Howells
2019-08-28Releasing resources with childrenMatthew Wilcox
2019-08-28Make sure nobody's leaking resourcesMatthew Wilcox
2019-08-28drivers/media/platform/sti/delta/delta-ipc.c: fix read buffer overflowAndi Kleen
2019-08-28drivers/tty/serial/sh-sci.c: suppress warningAndrew Morton
2019-08-28mm: treewide: clarify pgtable_page_{ctor,dtor}() namingMark Rutland
2019-08-28hexagon: drop empty and unused free_initrd_memMike Rapoport
2019-08-28mm: untag user pointers in mmap/munmap/mremap/brkCatalin Marinas
2019-08-28vfio/type1: untag user pointers in vaddr_get_pfnAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28tee/shm: untag user pointers in tee_shm_registerAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28media/v4l2-core: untag user pointers in videobuf_dma_contig_user_getAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28drm/radeon: untag user pointers in radeon_gem_userptr_ioctlAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28drm/amdgpu: untag user pointersAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28userfaultfd: untag user pointersAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28fs/namespace: untag user pointers in copy_mount_optionsAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28mm: untag user pointers in get_vaddr_framesAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28mm: untag user pointers in mm/gup.cAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28mm: untag user pointers passed to memory syscallsAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28lib: untag user pointers in strn*_userAndrey Konovalov
2019-08-28pinctrl: fix pxa2xx.c build warningsRandy Dunlap
2019-08-28tmpfs: fixups to use of the new mount APIHugh Dickins
2019-08-28diff sucksAndrew Morton
2019-08-28linux-next-git-rejectsAndrew Morton
2019-08-28linux-next-rejectsAndrew Morton
2019-08-28linux-nextAndrew Morton
2019-08-28ipc/msg.c: consolidate all xxxctl_down() functionsLu Shuaibing
2019-08-28ipc/mqueue: improve exception handling in do_mq_notify()Markus Elfring
2019-08-28ipc/mqueue.c: delete an unnecessary check before the macro call dev_kfree_skb()Markus Elfring
2019-08-28bug: move WARN_ON() "cut here" into exception handlerKees Cook
2019-08-28bug: consolidate __WARN_FLAGS usageKees Cook
2019-08-28bug: clean up helper macros to remove __WARN_TAINT()Kees Cook
2019-08-28bug: lift "cut here" out of __warn()Kees Cook
2019-08-28bug: consolidate warn_slowpath_fmt() usageKees Cook
2019-08-28bug: rename __WARN_printf_taint() to __WARN_printf()Kees Cook
2019-08-28bug: refactor away warn_slowpath_fmt_taint()Kees Cook
2019-08-28scripts/gdb: handle split debugDouglas Anderson
2019-08-28kgdb: don't use a notifier to enter kgdb at panic; call directlyDouglas Anderson
2019-08-28aio: simplify read_events()Oleg Nesterov
2019-08-28kexec: restore arch_kexec_kernel_image_probe declarationVasily Gorbik
2019-08-28kexec: bail out upon SIGKILL when allocating memory.Tetsuo Handa
2019-08-28cpumask: nicer for_each_cpumask_and() signatureAlexey Dobriyan
2019-08-28fork: improve error message for corrupted page tablesSai Praneeth Prakhya
2019-08-28fat: add nobarrier to workaround the strange behavior of deviceOGAWA Hirofumi
2019-08-28fs/reiserfs/do_balan.c: remove set but not used variableJason Yan
2019-08-28fs/reiserfs/journal.c: remove set but not used variableJason Yan
2019-08-28fs/reiserfs/do_balan.c: remove set but not used variableszhengbin
2019-08-28fs/reiserfs/fix_node.c: remove set but not used variableszhengbin
2019-08-28fs/reiserfs/prints.c: remove set but not used variableszhengbin