path: root/sheep/core.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-07-19clean up function argument alignmentJohannes Weiner
2010-04-26core: factor out slot binding and value returnJohannes Weiner
2010-04-25type objectJohannes Weiner
2010-03-17core: evaluate (set) value in own contextJohannes Weiner
2010-03-17core: evaluate (variable) value in own contextJohannes Weiner
2010-03-17runtime module loadingJohannes Weiner
2010-02-10foreign: centralize foreign reference handlingJohannes Weiner
2010-02-10parse: move code from compile.cJohannes Weiner
2010-02-10compile: sheep_parser_error()Johannes Weiner
2009-12-22core: use common error reporting in (load)Johannes Weiner
2009-12-21compile: propagate foreign slots to inner functionsJohannes Weiner
2009-12-18compile: parsing helpers, replace form unpackerJohannes Weiner
2009-12-17core: simplify error handling in (with)Johannes Weiner
2009-12-17core: single-binding (with)Johannes Weiner
2009-12-14core: use compiler error reporting functionJohannes Weiner
2009-12-14compile: source location annotated unpack errorsJohannes Weiner
2009-12-14compile: pass down vm, module and toplevel expressionJohannes Weiner
2009-12-07gc: move garbage collector from object.cJohannes Weiner
2009-12-04name: complex name typeJohannes Weiner
2009-12-03core: reshuffle binding code in compile_function()Johannes Weiner
2009-12-03core: catch duplicate function parameter namesJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01module: primitive .sheep module loaderJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01unpack: move unpack interface to unpack.cJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01core: weed out headersJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01sequence: move sequence operations from core.cJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01list: move (map) and (reduce) to list.cJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01function: move (disassemble) to function.cJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01core/string: move out string functions to string.cJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01vm: vm->builtinsJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01function: move local slot allocator to function.hJohannes Weiner
2009-12-01vm: move vm slot allocators to vm.hJohannes Weiner
2009-11-23object & core: remove the remains of ddumpJohannes Weiner
2009-11-23core: simplify (disassemble)Johannes Weiner
2009-11-23object: implement ->format object methodJohannes Weiner
2009-11-23list: move list builtins to list.cJohannes Weiner
2009-11-23number: move number builtins to number.cJohannes Weiner
2009-11-23bool: move bool builtins to bool.cJohannes Weiner
2009-11-23number: immediate fixnumsJohannes Weiner
2009-11-19object: wrap direct object accessesJohannes Weiner
2009-11-17code: rename sheep_code_finalize()Johannes Weiner
2009-11-17core: drop unneeded header includesJohannes Weiner
2009-11-17function: separate free variables from indirect slotsJohannes Weiner
2009-11-17drastically simplify function modelJohannes Weiner
2009-11-13core: move unpacking logic to own fileJohannes Weiner
2009-11-12core: refactor compilation of (or) and (and)Johannes Weiner
2009-11-12core/compile: compile tailcallsJohannes Weiner
2009-11-12core: block nesting in control structuresJohannes Weiner
2009-11-11redo slot scoping, context passing and code unitsJohannes Weiner
2009-11-04function: split out closure typeJohannes Weiner
2009-10-26core: drop newlines in conditional compilersJohannes Weiner